The FIVE topics that Conservatives will want Boris Johnson to address at the Conservative Party Conference in 2021.


The FIVE topics that Conservatives will want Boris Johnson to address at the Conservative Party Conference in 2021.

BORIS JOHNSON will address thousands of Conservative Party members at this year’s party conference, which will take place against a turbulent backdrop, with multiple unresolved challenges facing the UK.

Conservatives who sat out Labour’s conference last week will now be able to enjoy their own in the coming days. Members will assemble in person for the first time since the Prime Minister’s first address in 2019. He’ll do it again in 2021, which has been a watershed moment for his party.

The rising fuel and food shortages will be among the most pressing topics discussed during this year’s conference.

The supply chain has been choked by a “perfect storm” of panic shopping, Brexit, and the pandemic, which has reduced the number of HGV drivers.

Fuel supplies in England, Scotland, and Wales are on amber or red alert as the conference begins, and the Prime Minister’s proposed solutions have done little to improve the issue.

Conservative members of Parliament have expressed fears that the longer supplies take to recover, the more people will blame the government.

According to current research, the majority of people blame shortage coverage on the media.

In 2021, the NI protocol will be the most vexing problem for Conservatives.

Boris Johnson’s response to Theresa May’s proposed “backstop” protocol renegotiated Northern Ireland’s relationship with the EU.

Goods arriving from England, Scotland, and Wales must now be checked at ports, averting a hard border with the Republic and safeguarding the Good Friday Agreement’s integrity.

Conservatives have rallied against the Northern Ireland protocol, claiming it establishes a “new border” in the Irish Sea that is to blame for the country’s recent commercial problems.

Mr Johnson, who previously stated that it would result in “no visible or practical changes” for persons living and working in the United Kingdom, now believes it has resulted in a “absurd scenario.”

The party is divided on how the government should proceed, with some members advocating for invoking Article 16 and suspending the protocol, while others propose an international treaty.

Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have broken with party tradition, with a tax hike on the horizon.

The Conservatives have long been known as the “low-tax party,” but the Prime Minister’s decision to raise National Insurance defies this.

Working people will pay a 1.25 percent rise in social care costs under his plan. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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