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The five BEST personality traits you should have to employers remember you after a job interview

A CEO has revealed the top five traits highly memorable and successful people have in a job interview.

Robert van Stokrom, National President of the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) told Australian recruitment company Seek a memorable person often has confidence, curiosity, passion, great communication skills and is proactive with their career.

Those who have or adopt these five particular traits are more likely to be remembered by employers after job interviews, in social situations or at work and are more likely to succeed in their careers. 

Confidence is a memorable asset because it demands attention and assures that the individual is self-reliant, knows what they want and what their skills are.

‘A firm handshake, smile, and good eye contact during a greeting are enough to indicate the person you’re meeting is confident,’ Robert said.

Being confident when meeting new people in a social setting or during a job interview is also a great way to make a good first impression. 

But it’s important to remember to be confidence and not arrogant, as arrogance is often frowned upon or undesired and doesn’t have the same positive impact as confidence.  

Being curious demonstrates an eagerness to learn new skills or discover a better alternative way to achieve something, so candidates should never feel shy to ask questions during an interview. 

This trait can be shown easily by asking questions, listening intently when another person is speaking and showing interest in what they’re saying.

Being inquisitive will also allow the individual to advance the skills they already have while developing more abilities by acquiring new knowledge.

Passion is another great quality to have and show during job interviews to demonstrate a strong work ethic and determination to succeed.

‘Passion is motivation and energy,’ Robert said, adding: ‘It shows that a person is driven, is willing to work hard, has ambition, and is eager to learn.’

While many often say they’re passionate on their resume, it’s important to demonstrate this trait during job interviews by giving examples.  


Successful and memorable people are usually proactive at work and in their everyday lives.

Being proactive is also a quality recruiters and employers desire to see in potential employees.  

‘When I meet someone who’s self-reliant, has an ability to take charge, is first to act, and responds well to change, I’m nothing short of impressed,’ Robert said. 

Being a good communicator is not simply about being social, it’s also about telling jokes when appropriate, having a good vocabulary and listening to others.  

‘There’s no position in the world in which having a strong ability to listen, understand and then speak clearly isn’t a positive thing,’ Robert said. 

Having great communication skills will also give individuals the ability to respond properly, ultimately leading to becoming more memorable and developing their career further.

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