The final nail in the coffin? Big Brother’s Bit On The Side AXED from Virgin Media

BIG Brother has been dealt another blow today as Virgin Media has decided to stop airing its spin off show in Ireland.

Big Brother’s Bit On The Side has been unceremoniously axed from Virgin Media in Ireland midway through the series.

The move has shocked and enraged fans across the Irish sea who had been expecting the Ryan Clark-Neal hosted show would continue to air as normal.

Taking to Twitter, one fan ranted: “It’s very disappointing as its the last big brother no one wants to see repeats Virgin Media 3 will lose a lot of customers because of this other programmes could have been changed.”

Another added: “What is the reason for suddenly dropping it? This isn’t good enough.”

Even Rylan was kept in the dark.

The former X Factor star tweeted: “No idea why #BBBOTS is on the schedual but not showing on @VirginMedia_3 in Ireland second night running?

“Apologies to all our Irish viewers hope it’s resolved soon.”

In a statement released to Daily Star Online, a rep for Virgin Media Ireland confirmed the axe and that there are no plans to reinstate the show.

rylan Clark NealCHANNEL 5

SHOCKED: Rylan Clark Neal had no idea BBBOTS was set to be axed in Ireland by Virgin Media
(Pic: CHANNEL 5)

“Due to some recent scheduling changes, the remaining episodes of Big Brothers Bit On The Side will no longer air on Virgin Media Three”

Virgin Media Ireland

A rep said : “Due to some recent scheduling changes, the remaining episodes of Big Brothers Bit On The Side will no longer air on Virgin Media Three – the upside, Big Brother will continue as usual.”

Meanwhile, a rep for Big Brother declined to comment on the decision.

A source added: “Big Brother used to be the biggest show on TV but its decline as been nothing short of shocking.

“Fans were already annoyed that Channel 5 refused to bring back live feed and frustrated the show is often pushed back to 10pm.

“To axe a show before the series starts is one thing but to axe it midway through is all but unheard of.”

To make matters worse for the once mighty TV series, Tuesday night’s show was the lowest show ever with viewers switching off in their droves.

Daily Star first revealed Big Brother was set to be axed from Channel 5 at the start of the year, with the broadcaster confirming the news just a few weeks ago.

In a statement, Channel 5 said: “The forthcoming series of Big Brother will be the last – of either celebrity or civilian versions – on Channel 5.

“We’d like to thank Endemol and all of the production team who have worked tirelessly to make the show a success.”

Fans had hoped that another channel would pick up the show, however, with ratings barely scraping 500,000 and Virgin Media Ireland now culling the show all together, it seems the end is finally nigh


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