The Falkland Islands are in jeopardy after China advised Argentina to use “strength” against the “arrogant” United Kingdom.


The Falkland Islands are in jeopardy after China advised Argentina to use “strength” against the “arrogant” United Kingdom.

FOR DECADES, THE FALKLANDS ISLANDS have been a source of passionate disagreement and strife between the United Kingdom and Argentina, with a Chinese academic proposing that “strength” should be employed to resolve the situation.

The United Kingdom has long resisted requests to begin negotiations with Argentina over the disputed Falkland Islands. Despite this, Argentina’s officials have already presented their arguments to the UN, claiming possession of the territory. Felipe Sol and Daniel Filmus only went to New York in June to try to get the backing of 29 members of the UN’s “Decolonisation Committee.”

It’s unclear whether their discussions were fruitful.

China, which was present at the meeting, stood firmly behind their demands.

China has become increasingly involved in the discussion in recent years.

Cui Hongjian, director of the China Institute of International Studies’ Department of European Studies, claimed last year that the subject had reached a point where it could only be handled with “strong.”

Mr Cui said that London believes more in power politics than abiding by international law and the rules-based order, speaking to Global Times, a journal endorsed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in an article titled: ‘Facing arrogant London, Buenos Aires should push back on Malvinas.’

“On the one side, there has been an increase in power politics in the international community, which has harmed international rules,” he stated.

“On the other hand, following Brexit, the UK will have a stronger position on several historical issues.”

Mr Cui told the journal that Argentina should keep pressing its case at the United Nations, especially after the UN recognized the Falklands as a “colonial condition” in 1965.

“The UK has pushed the problem to a point where it appears that the only way to fix it is via strength,” he stated in this regard.

He also added, controversially, that Argentina should take “precautions” against the UK’s next moves after Brexit, claiming that the UK may take “risky actions” such as increasing the number of troops stationed on the islands, “or making provocative moves against Argentina, so Argentina must keep vigilant.”

It’s important remembering that the Chinese government has never advocated for Argentina to attack the United Kingdom.

However, this year, the government backed the Argentines, criticizing what it called widespread Western “colonialism” in the region.

“Brinkwire Summary News.” The diplomatic outpouring came at a time when relations between Beijing and.


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