The European Union is going to fail! And it’s Macron’s fault — a Brexiteer’s warning to the EU.


The European Union is going to fail! And it’s Macron’s fault — a Brexiteer’s warning to the EU.

THE FUTURE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION IS DARK, according to a Brexiteer who blames it all on Macron’s recent address.

Last Tuesday, in front of an audience of businesses and students, French President Emmanuel Macron revealed a comprehensive plan to reindustrialize the country at the Elysée Palace. The leader is allegedly planning to launch his reelection campaign next year, but this new plan, dubbed “France 2030,” appears to be a long-term effort.

Macron unveiled a €30 billion (£25.4 billion) multi-channel strategy that includes green energy, smaller nuclear reactors, medical research, and even funding for television shows and video games.

This 90-minute address by Macron, however, was confirmation that “the EU is doomed to fail,” according to Jonathan Saxty, associate editor of and entrepreneur.

“Like the UK, France has experienced years of industrial decline, trapped as it has been by labor-market restrictions,” he writes in a column for The Telegraph.

“Mr Macron’s announcement might have prioritized Europe rather than just France.”

“Even if the President was merely appeasing the French people, the fact that he felt compelled to do so says a lot.”

Macron spent the majority of his speech emphasizing France’s potential as an industrial leader.

He stated, “We must fight both innovation and industrialisation at the same time.”

“We need a country that produces more,” says the author.

The President then referenced a mask shortage in France during the early stages of the pandemic catastrophe in 2020.

“We had a shortage of face masks eighteen months ago, and no one ever believed France could have a shortage of face masks.”

He informed the gathering that the pandemic had “placed us face to face with our vulnerabilities.”

Macron announced that France would invest €1 billion in “disruptive innovation” to produce atomic power by 2030, with an emphasis on modest nuclear reactors with improved waste management.

Mr Saxty writes, “The President could have talked about leveling up the south or east of Europe.”

“He could have talked about Europe as a whole, not just France, as the world leader in growth industries.”

“Instead, he made the decision not to.”

The European Union, according to the Brexiteer, is doomed due to a lack of cultural cohesion.

“The EU lacks the kind of shared identity and purpose that genuine national unions require to function,” he claims.

“England may not enjoy subsidizing Northern Ireland, but it accepts it as a cost of unity, even while it recognizes that impoverished regions should be leveled.”

“Brinkwire Summary News” says, “This is what distinguishes true unions.”


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