The EU will be furious if David Frost drops the Brexit bomb today.


The EU will be furious if David Frost drops the Brexit bomb today.

DAVID FROST, the Brexit Minister, will deliver a speech in Lisbon this afternoon that is anticipated to heighten tensions with the EU and heat up Northern Ireland negotiations.

David Frost, the UK’s Brexit Minister, will deliver an inflammatory speech in Lisbon on Tuesday at 3.15 p.m., criticizing the EU’s efforts to resolve the ongoing Northern Ireland protocol problems. He’s anticipated to criticize the EU’s efforts to find a solution “insufficient” and demand that the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) be completely removed from the region, claiming that it “has created a deep imbalance.”

The speech will put a big kink in the works for the EU, which is set to publish a major package of proposals on Wednesday.

Tensions between the EU and the UK are anticipated to grow, with Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney and Lord Frost already feuding on Twitter on Monday.

The two sides — who agreed on the Northern Ireland arrangements as part of the Brexit discussions — are now at odds over how trade regulations are applied in the region.

The men accused each other of failing to resolve the matter in a flurry of early morning tweets on Monday.

“EU working seriously to overcome practical challenges with Protocol implementation – then UKG imposes a new’red line’ obstacle to progress, knowing EU can’t move on…. are we surprised?” Mr Coveney tweeted.

Real question: Does UKG desire a mutually agreeable path forward or a further deterioration of relations?”

Lord Frost’s response was as follows: “I prefer not to engage in Twitter talks, but since @simoncoveney has started the process…

“The issue of governance and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) is not new. Our concerns were expressed three months ago in our Command Paper of July 21.

“The issue is that too few individuals appear to have paid attention.”

Lord Frost added that the UK would examine the EU’s ideas “seriously and positively” before addressing them “seriously and intensely.”

“If there is to be a favorable conclusion, there must be major change to the current scenario,” he continued.

However, EU officials are largely expected to lay out problems in Tuesday’s speech in Lisbon, which will further postpone negotiations. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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