‘The EU needs to get its act together!’ Davis supports Lord Frost’s firm stance against the Brexit protocol.


‘The EU needs to get its act together!’ Davis supports Lord Frost’s firm stance against the Brexit protocol.

DAVID DAVIS has backed Lord Frost’s warning to the European Union that Britain is ready to invoke Article 16 of the Treaty of Rome. Lord Frost, the Brexit minister, suggested that action on Northern Ireland’s Brexit settlement may be taken before Christmas, calling for “short, intensive” discussions with the EU to begin as soon as possible.

After European officials react to UK ideas, which he anticipates “within the next couple of weeks,” the Tory peer said on Monday that “serious” conversations with Brussels should take place. If the UK and the EU are unable to reach an agreement, Lord Frost has stated that the UK will contemplate the “nuclear option” of invoking Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

David Davis, the former Brexit Secretary, has warned the EU to “shape up.”

“[Lord Frost] is doing the right thing,” Mr Davis stated to GB News. This issue began in December 2017, when Theresa May gave in to the Irish demands for full alignment.

“We haven’t been able to get off that hook since.”

“They didn’t get off the hook because Boris struggled to do it, and Lord Frost himself struggled to accomplish it.”

“We’re still in a situation where Northern Ireland is, in a sense, a member of the European Union because of the rules.”

“If it operates the way the Europeans want it to, it will create a border across the Irish Sea, causing challenges for business in Northern Ireland as well as the Good Friday Agreement.”

“Lord Frost has the moral high ground in this,” he continued, “and the European Union has to shape up.”

Lord Frost said he would “soon be sending” new legal texts to the EU with ideas to fix the “severe political situation” at the Conservative Party convention in Manchester.

“I’m hoping that will change in the next couple of weeks.” “It does need to be resolved, one way or another, whether through discussions or Article 16,” he said at a Policy Exchange think tank fringe event.

“We need a quick, intensive, and good faith dialogue process to happen soon, and as soon as we get out of that, we’ll know whether an agreement is possible or not – and if it isn’t, we’ll know.”

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