The EU is unconcerned! Brussels is ‘turning a blind eye’ to migrant deaths because of its political differences with the United Kingdom.


The EU is unconcerned! Brussels is ‘turning a blind eye’ to migrant deaths because of its political differences with the United Kingdom.

THE EU has been accused of “turning a blind eye” to migrants drowning in the English Channel in order to play politics with the United Kingdom after Brexit.

According to UK government sources, the EU Commission is obstructing work on a prospective deal with France, in which migrants arriving on British ports would be transported back to continental Europe. Eurocrats are apparently maintaining that the union, not individual member states, has sole authority to negotiate asylum and readmission.

This basically nullifies a last-month deal between the UK and France that “handled readmission.”

More than 10,000 migrants have crossed the Channel so far this year, causing huge problems for UK authorities and politicians.

Boris Johnson’s government has tried numerous times to reach an agreement with its French counterpart.

Many Conservative MPs feel that repatriating migrants who land on British soil is the most effective way of discouraging others from embarking on the risky trek.

After Home Secretary Priti Patel and her French counterpart Gérald Darmanin signed an agreement last month, it was hoped that this would happen. The agreement stated that both countries “support the idea of a UK-EU readmission agreement to mutual advantage in terms of deterring illegal migration and combating criminal gangs.”

The Nationality and Borders Bill also gives the Border Force the authority to deport migrants back to France who have crossed the Channel.

However, France has thus far declined to accept any.

Senior French leaders are said to be “nervous” about the EU’s stance, according to sources.

The post-Brexit trade agreement with the UK, according to a Commission official, “does not include provisions on asylum and return.”

“For the time being, our focus is on its execution, and we are not considering engaging in additional negotiations to supplement the agreement,” they stated.

A Tory source accused the Commission of “turning a blind eye to people dying,” while a UK Government source claimed the matter had become mired in “post-Brexit shenanigans.”

The news came only days after a total of 475 migrants crossed the English Channel, a new high.

The previous highs were 416 migrants on September 2nd of last year and 430 migrants on July 19th of this year.

“Overall asylum applications are declining and far fewer than they were in the 2000s,” said Bella Sankey, director of the charity Detention Action, “but the large number of Channel crossings demonstrates that desperate people are trying to save.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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