The EU is ‘pleased’ with the unrest in Northern Ireland, as the union enjoys the chaos caused by Brexit in the United Kingdom.


The EU is ‘pleased’ with the unrest in Northern Ireland, as the union enjoys the chaos caused by Brexit in the United Kingdom.

THE EU has come under fire for its post-Brexit stance, which has wreaked havoc in Northern Ireland.

Robert Oulds, director of the think tank Bruges Group, lashed out at the European Union for the commercial frustrations it is inflicting Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. Mr. Oulds, co-author of Moralitis: A Cultural Virus with Dr. Niall McCrae, claimed in an interview with This website that the European Union was pleased with the chaos it was producing in Northern Ireland. He claimed that the EU had purposely been difficult with the UK over commerce post-Brexit.

He urged the UK government to press for new talks with the EU and to abandon the Northern Ireland protocol.

“The EU is still causing issues in Northern Ireland,” Mr Oulds remarked.

“That would satisfy them since they had a plan in place.

“The plan is that as a result of Brexit, Britain will lose Northern Ireland, which will no longer be a vital part of the United Kingdom.”

Mr. Oulds continued to blame the European Union for the United Kingdom’s disintegration in the Brexit trade war.

“In terms of trade, Northern Ireland is still part of the EU’s regulatory zone and customs union in many ways,” he said.

“It is a significant component of the United Kingdom, and it is an integral element of the United Kingdom that is subject to the jurisdiction of Brussels.

“That is unacceptable and goes against the act of union that brought Ireland into the United Kingdom.

“In a way, that crucial constitutional act, which the courts do see as a constitutional act, has been repealed.”

“In hidden recordings of the negotiations, Michel Barnier was very clear.

“He stated Northern Ireland would pay the price for Britain’s Brexit, which is unacceptable.”

Mr. Oulds concluded by stating that the European Union was causing harm not only to the UK as a whole, but also to the people of Northern Ireland.

“It actually harms the European Union’s approach toward Northern Ireland,” he said.

“It is causing harm to the inhabitants of that province because they are unable to obtain things from the stores that they require.

“As a result, there have been riots, and tension has been created that didn’t need to be there.

“The European Union does not appear to be responding; it appears that the British government must act.”


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