‘The EU is becoming obsolete!’ Boris Johnson is planning a bonfire of EU red tape, and Britons are reacting.


‘The EU is becoming obsolete!’ Boris Johnson is planning a bonfire of EU red tape, and Britons are reacting.

BRITONS have praised Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who promises to cut EU “red tape” in order to kickstart a post-coronavirus economic boom.

Ministers are expected to reveal this week how they would utilize new post-Brexit powers to repeal key EU laws and “seize the opportunities” afforded by the UK’s exit from the EU. Proposals for a “one-in-two-out” strategy to Brexit red tape will be laid out in a draft consultation.

“Now is the ideal time to modernize our approach to regulation, as we recover from Covid and grab the benefits of being an independent nation,” a UK Government source told this website.

“The last thing we want is for red tape to prevent our businesses from taking advantage of new opportunities, so we’re considering bold reforms that will allow us to free ourselves from unnecessary EU laws, meet the Prime Minister’s bold ambitions, and keep the UK at the forefront of global innovation.”

Britons are already rejoicing at the removal of the EU’s “stench” from the UK’s rules and regulations.

“At long last, we are going to start removing the vile stench of the EU from our rules and regulations,” one reader commented in response to the original This website story.

“After that, we must rip up all the accords and treaties.”

“He needs to implement WTO and completely disengage from the EU dictatorship right now!” someone else said.

The third is “With each passing week, the UK finds new trading partners,” wrote one website visitor.

“With each passing week, the EU becomes more and more irrelevant.”

“Absolutely excellent Boris, well done, keep up the good job, and utilise the powers that Westminster now has since we left the EU,” someone person remarked.

“People should never underestimate Westminster because, since regaining sovereignty, laws, and powers, we have become the most powerful country in the world.

“Congratulations, Boris! You make us Brexit supporters glad to be British again.”

“Boris the Great is allowing the United Kingdom to prosper for many years to come,” said a fifth.

“From the early days of Vax to the relaxation of punitive legislation, the establishment of Freeports, and the removal of the EU’s shackles from the floor.

“The United Kingdom is undergoing a renaissance, and by God, it feels wonderful.

“With the United States rejoining the CPTPP, the task will be substantially completed.

“The sunlit uplands are practically visible.”

Boris Johnson’s Committee on “Brinkwire Summary News” is thought to have endorsed the tactic.


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