The EU hasn’t learned anything, and anger is growing as the ‘bloc continues to ignore the economic threat posed by Brexit UK.’


The EU hasn’t learned anything, and anger is rising as the ‘bloc ignores the economic threat posed by Brexit UK.’

A scathing new analysis claims that Brussels has learned nothing from Brexit and is completely unaware of the “serious economic threat” that a resurgent UK will inevitably pose to the EU.

Dr. Eoin Drea believes the EU’s obsession with blaming Britain for everything and punishing it as a result misses the point and will eventually bite them.

Despite French European Minister Clement Beaune’s harsh assessment that the UK would end up as a “vassal” of the US, he predicted that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s vision of an “Anglosphere” was already yielding benefits, including the trilateral Aukus agreement with Australia and the US.

Dr. Drea, a senior research officer at the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, gave his honest opinion in a Politico op-ed.

“For such a seismic event, Brexit continues to be most noticeable by its absence in the formulation of future European Union strategy,” he said.

There had been few references to Britain or the decision to leave the bloc, Dr Drea pointed out, from the Conference on the Future of Europe to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s recent state of the union address.

“This is a remarkable achievement in and of itself, given Britain’s unique role in the EU landscape,” he continued.

“It’s almost as if Britain never existed at all,” says one Parisian.

With the one-year anniversary of the transition period’s end approaching, Dr. Drea believes it is “clear that the EU has learned every wrong lesson from the divorce.”

“Rigged by successive British governments’ deliberately provocative actions since 2016, the EU has been unable to separate the UK’s bark from its bite – and the danger this poses is rapidly growing,” he said.

He used the EU’s policy of discussing Britain based on a strategy of “moving past Brexit” as an example.

“However, while’moving past Brexit’ may make the EU feel better about being betrayed by one of its most important members, it is a woefully short-sighted approach to understanding Brexit’s potential consequences for the EU’s long-term development,” he warned.

“No serious attempt has been made to situate the United Kingdom’s European engagement in the context of the.

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