The EU has warned that the UK may have no choice but to abandon the Brexit agreement.


The EU has warned that the UK may have no choice but to abandon the Brexit agreement.

BREXIT If the European Union does not agree to revise the terms of the current protocol governing Northern Ireland’s relationship with the bloc, Britain may be forced to “act unilaterally.”

If the European Union fails to take British requests into account, Bernard Jenkin has warned that the UK may have “no choice” but to “act unilaterally” to repeal the Northern Ireland protocol. Lord Frost, the former Brexit Secretary, is poised to hold new negotiations with the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol, which was put in place after Brexit to prevent a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Mr Jenkin requested that the protocol’s wording be renegotiated in order to produce a section that is acceptable to local communities and to reassure loyalists about the country’s role in the United Kingdom.

“Jonathan Jones, he said the real danger at this point is any unilateral movement,” Emily Maitlis stated on BBC Newsnight.

“Yes, you have the option to negotiate; yes, you have the option to make modifications.”

“However, the moment you start talking about acting unilaterally, you’re tarnishing your image.”

“Up to a degree,” Mr Jenkin said. I believe we will be able to agree on certain shades of grey, but there will come a moment where if the EU refuses to talk reasonably, there may be no other option.

“I mean, the most essential thing in Northern Ireland is that we keep the peace process going.

“In Northern Ireland, a form of governance that is acknowledged by both groups.”

“The issue with the protocol is that it has never had much support from one of the communities, and it has only gotten worse.”

“One of the groups is now openly hostile to it, and the whole premise of the Northern Ireland peace process has been to encourage both communities to work together, and that is breaking down, and that appears to be more important than the protocol,” he continued.

“Both sides certainly underline the importance of the peace process, but both sides interpret it in different ways,” the host remarked.

“Some in the Irish government accused David Frost of effectively returning the EU modifications before they were even received.”

“Well, I mean, this is a negotiation,” the MP explained. There will be a lot of toing and froing.

“The key question is, if there are, I mean, if article 16 truly talks,” Brinkwire Summary News said.


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