‘The EU could have filed a lawsuit against us!’ Gina Miller believes there is a “terrifying” rationale for the anti-Brexit campaign.


‘The EU could have filed a lawsuit against us!’ Gina Miller believes there is a “terrifying” rationale for the anti-Brexit campaign.

GINA Miller explained why she sued the government and Theresa May in 2016 over the invocation of Article 50, telling interviewer Rachel Johnson that she did the UK a “huge favor.”

Gina Miller appeared on LBC to discuss her 2016 Brexit case, in which the High Court ruled that Theresa May needed to legislation before the government could invoke Article 50. While Ms Miller was chastised at the time for delaying down the Brexit decision and process, she later clarified that her legal challenge had nothing to do with Brexit and was entirely focused on ensuring Parliament followed its own laws. Ms Miller is known for her anti-Brexit sentiments, but she said that without her intervention, the European Union would have been free to sue the United Kingdom in court.

Ms Miller spoke with Rachel Johnson of LBC about her legal case against the government in 2016.

Theresa May, the then-prime minister, was attempting to use prerogative powers to invoke Article 50 without going through parliament, prompting Ms Miller to file a challenge, which was upheld, to force the government to provide a withdrawal bill to MPs.

The Withdrawal Agreement Bill was enacted without change in January 2017.

“What Mrs May was intending to do at the moment was to trigger something called Article 50, which meant we’d leave the EU,” Ms Miller continued.

“However, parliament was required to do so by law; she couldn’t do it on her own.

“And since we don’t have a written constitution, if a precedent had been established that a prime minister could propose a bill that changed our rights, then any prime minister in the future – and look what’s going on now – might do the same thing.

“So, you know, it was a very dangerous precedent to set, and my other concern was that if she had done it without consulting parliament, the EU could have taken us to court under international law.

“They would have had a legal right to sue us if we hadn’t followed the international treaties.

“I was worried because I believed we were going to be going into a legal negotiation, but we may be treading water for years while they take us to the international court to say.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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