The Ellen interview ‘overshadows’ Meghan Markle’s royal visit, which is ‘unfortunate,’ according to the Palace.


The Ellen interview ‘overshadows’ Meghan Markle’s royal visit, which is ‘unfortunate,’ according to the Palace.

According to a royal expert, MEGHAN MARKLE’s recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres “annoyed” Buckingham Palace.

The interview, which took conducted on Thursday, focused on how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are adjusting to life outside of the Royal Family in the United States. Unfortunately, the unexpected interview took place during Prince Charles and Camilla’s vacation of Jordan and Egypt.

The first overseas royal journey since the pandemic began was “overshadowed” by other news items, according to Royal Expert Jennie Bond.

“It’s quite regrettable,” Ms Bond told OK, “especially coming in the middle of a major tour, the first official abroad tour since the senior Royals’ epidemic.”

“When other news stories overwhelm a tour, it irritates the palace.”

“It’s awful since so much effort goes into these tours.”

The royal journey, which lasted just four days and saw the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall attend over 30 engagements, was intended to enhance bilateral relations.

Camilla concluded their journey by saying that, despite acting “like tourists,” the trip was more than just a vacation.

“We are not on vacation,” she explained. “We may be dressed up and posed against the pyramids like tourists, but we are not on vacation.”

“We work for the government and for the country, and we attempt to make a difference.”

Despite the interview’s inconvenient timing, Ms Bond stated that it was most likely beyond Meghan’s control.

“She probably didn’t have much say in when this went out, but why did she do it?” she said. I’m not sure.

“It was superstar stuff, it was harmless stuff.”

“It appears to me that Meghan is no longer Royal; she had a little period of true Royalty, and now she’s back to being a celebrity.”

“And good luck to her; use that platform, establish that brand,” says the author, “but I no longer see her as Royal.”


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