The Dutch Prime Minister’s harsh judgment of Brexit Britain: ‘Too little to be on the world stage!’


The Dutch Prime Minister’s harsh judgment of Brexit Britain: ‘Too little to be on the world stage!’

The scathing assessment of Brexit Britain by the Dutch Prime Minister: ‘Too little to be on the world stage!’

MARK RUTTE, according to newly unearthed data, gave a pessimistic appraisal of the UK’s chances following the 2016 EU referendum.

Britain is aiming to reinforce its pivot to the Pacific after joining the Association of Southeast Asian Nations as a “dialogue partner” (ASEAN). Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab attended a virtual signing ceremony to mark the occasion earlier this month. As a member of ASEAN’s “dialogue club,” the UK is able to participate in yearly meetings of foreign and economic ministers, as well as forge stronger ties in sectors like trade, investment, climate change, the environment, science and technology, and education.

Southeast Asia’s 10 countries have a combined GDP of £2.3 trillion.

“If you look at it over a ten-year period,” Mr Raab told the Telegraph, “the Indo-Pacific is the future growth market.”

He noted that strengthening ties with ASEAN states might help the UK’s efforts to “positively influence China.”

The United Kingdom has also submitted an application to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), an 11-country trading bloc that includes ASEAN members Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

According to the government, British exports to the CPTPP area will increase by 65 percent to £37 billion by 2030.

Each year between 2016 and 2019, UK trade with CPTPP members climbed by 8%.

Negotiations between the United Kingdom and Singapore on a ground-breaking digital economy agreement (DEA) to increase opportunities for British businesses to supply their services have just begun.

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s dream for a post-Brexit “Global Britain” becomes a reality, an interview with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has resurfaced.

Mr Rutte warned in a February 2019 interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais that the UK appeared to be on the verge of a devastating no-deal Brexit.

“As a result of Brexit, the United Kingdom will be weakened,” he continued.

“It is already diminishing in comparison to two or three years ago; it is a dying country.

“It will develop into a medium-sized Atlantic Ocean economy.

“Neither the United States nor the European Union are to blame.

“To stand alone on the world stage is too little.”

Mr Rutte also claimed that hundreds of companies were intending to relocate from the United Kingdom across the North Sea, stating that the Dutch would have supplanted the United Kingdom as the bloc’s leading proponent of free trade.

He stated, “We can’t stop.” “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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