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The DIY Decorator Zoe Gilpin creates ultimate beauty station using budget items from IKEA

An interior stylist has created an enviable ‘beauty station’ in her home, leaving makeup enthusiasts obsessing over her perfectly-arranged space. 

Zoe Gilpin – who’s behind the popular Instagram page The DIY Decorator – said she wanted a ‘natural’ aesthetic to blend in with the rest of her home in Perth.

She used basic budget items with neutral colours from IKEA to create her dream space, with plenty of storage space for all her makeup and skincare products and jewellery pieces.

‘Now more than ever, we want our homes to be a place where we enjoy being,’ Zoe wrote on her Instagram page, with more than 136,000 followers. 

‘So surrounding ourselves with beautiful things while making the spaces around us functional is a great way to make the most of this extra time at home.

‘Using items from IKEA, I have gone against the grain of what we usually see for a beauty station set-up, which is often glam or luxe, and have created an area which still fits the brief of beauty station, while fitting in with my natural home.

‘Not only does the area look inviting and ready to use, but is super functional too with plenty of storage for my makeup, beauty products and jewellery pieces.’

Her stunning beauty station includes a $14.99 storage box with compartments for all her cosmetic products and makeup brushes, and a $9.99 set of five boxes with lids for storing all her skincare items.

She used a $199 white desk with two drawers to set up her space, along with a $149 light green chair and placed a $99 trolley beside it with all her products in one place.

Keeping her space clutter-free with classic neutral shades, she used a $7.99 cork trays for her trinkets, and a $14.99 set of five glass jars with cork lids to store jewellery pieces such as bangles and rings.

Other items she used include a $19.99 pink storage box with mirror, $19.99 beige set of three storage boxes, $99 wireless LED lamp, $99 wall mirror, and a $2.99 vase.

The cost of the beauty station makeover came to a total of $735.

Hundreds of women were amazed by her DIY beauty station, with many saying her space ‘looks absolutely gorgeous’ and ‘beautifully styled’.

‘Love! I think every girl needs to spoil themselves with beauty setup like this,’ one woman said, while another added: ‘Looks amazing lovely, love that you’ve done a natural style on a beauty area as it’s not something you see often.’

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