The distraught caller claims he only has 12 months to live because doctors refused to see him face to face.


The distraught caller claims he only has 12 months to live because doctors refused to see him face to face.

A HEARTBROKEN caller told Jeremy Vine how he was given a year to live after months of being denied face-to-face doctor consultations owing to coronavirus.

Nick from Northamptonshire told Mr Vine on Wednesday how he was repeatedly denied a face-to-face appointment to view an area of concern due to Covid social distance restrictions and a backlog of patients on GP lists. He described how, after pleading with physicians to meet him in person, he was given the devastating news that he only has 12 months to live after being diagnosed with incurable cancer.

Nick described how when he called his doctor for an appointment, he was “categorically refused” and ordered to take a picture of the problem region and submit it in to be evaluated.

But just as Nick was ready to relate what occurred next, he burst into tears because it was all too much for him as he described how the next set of events took him on an emotional rollercoaster.

He described how, first, the physicians called to tell him that the skin mark was an infection and that he needed to take medicines.

However, he stated that his wife observed the alleged infection had worsened several weeks later and advised him to contact the doctor again.

“I called the doctor again and was told clearly that the doctors would not see me,” he added.

The caller claimed that he pleaded with doctors at this point, stating that he had been doubly jabbed and pledging to wear a mask and even rubber gloves in order to secure a face-to-face session.

Nick, who was visibly moved, continued, “They consented to visit him where he had a biopsy done.”

But, to Nick’s dismay, the biopsy revealed that he had cancer.

Nick explained how he was subsequently referred to Leicester Royal Infirmary, where physicians informed him that the cancer had become inoperable as a result of the delays caused by Covid.

Doctors then gave Nick the earth-shattering prognosis that he only had 12-months to live unless he received therapy, Nick could be heard choking up.

In tears, he described how he opted to pursue counseling but is “in awful pain.”

He went on to say that the delay and his treatment were “disgraceful.”

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