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The dip and onion relish from Aldi mums are adding to their spaghetti bolognese to lift the flavour 

An Australian mother has shared her two favourite Aldi buys to include in a spaghetti bolognese – sparking a frenzy of buyers wanting to purchase the unique pasta ingredients.

The woman uses Mediterranean Delite Garlic Dip ($3.50) and Colway Caramelised Onion Relish ($2.69) to season her tomato-filled pasta sauce, giving the combination a ‘thumbs up’ of approval.

‘I use about three-quarter’s of a jar of the onion relish and half of the garlic dip for a kilo of mince… I just add until it is to your taste,’ she said.

While they’re not traditionally products that would be mixed into a bolognese, the additions came with high praise from the online Aldi community.

‘Omg that garlic dip is to die for and so yummy,’ one woman said.

‘The garlic dip is going to disappear at this rate! It’s literally life changing,’ said another.

A third added: ‘I really like the relish on its own so I’ll have to try it mixed with the dip. Good thinking!’ 

The woman also adds a cup of milk to her bolognese recipe instead of water to give the recipe a more ‘liquid-y’ finish.

Others have found the garlic dip – which is relatively new – to be delicious as a pizza base with seafood or as the ‘butter’ in a cheese toastie.  

‘The is the last post I needed to see before I headed over to Aldi,’ one woman joked.   

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