The diner was tucking into his meal when the Michelin-star restaurant caught fire.


The diner was tucking into his meal when the Michelin-star restaurant caught fire.

A fire engulfed the building’s roof, forcing diners to flee a Michelin-starred restaurant.

According to a tweet from the restaurant’s account, around 40 firefighters battled the blaze at the Star Inn in rural Harome, North Yorkshire, but it reduced the restaurant “to ashes.”

When the fire broke out, the 14th century building was bustling with customers eating dinner.

“We were dining in there and it was after 10pm,” Martin Cook, who was finishing his meal at the time, said.

Only a few of us remained at one end of the restaurant.

“The next thing we know, a couple has returned, which has set off the actual alarm inside.”

“The staff were absolutely fantastic; they got us all into the backyard…and the first fire engine arrived about ten minutes later, so it was really quick.”

“It’s a pity, because it’s such a fine dining establishment, and what can you say?”

“Our only loss at the moment would most likely be our coats.”

The damage caused by the fire, which has destroyed the building’s thatched roof, is shown in photos published by Teesside Live.

Earlier today, fire investigators were on the scene surveying the damage and looking for clues as to what caused the blaze.

“It’s been a long night so far,” the venue’s chef and patron Andrew Pern tweeted yesterday.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue confirmed today that the operation has been significantly reduced since its peak last night.

“Crews have completed dampening down hot spots,” it stated on the website.

“A fire engine and an aerial ladder platform remain on scene to assist with the fire investigation.”

“The fire in the building’s thatched roof caused extensive damage to the roof and roof space,” the service continued.

“Crews worked tirelessly to keep the fire from spreading throughout the thatched roof, saving one end of the roof and the ground floor.”

“The incident will be revisited later today, and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.”


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