The developer of ‘Evolved Apes’ NFT vanishes, along with $2.7 million in Ether of Funds.


The developer of ‘Evolved Apes’ NFT vanishes, along with $2.7 million in Ether of Funds.

An NFT fighting game was promoted for “Evolved Apes,” a collection of 10,000 ape NFTs. According to rumors, the NFT collection’s developer has vanished along with the game’s finances, indicating that the scheme has failed.

The developer of “Evolved Apes,” known only as Evil Ape, vanished with $2.7 million in Ether. The “Evolved Apes” Twitter account and official website have also been taken down from the internet.

NFT Developer for ‘Evolved Apes’ Goes Missing with $2.7 Million

The NFT developer behind “Evolved Apes,” who goes under the moniker Evil Ape, has vanished with $2.7 million in money intended for a fighting game. There are 10,000 ape-inspired NFTs in the collection.

According to Vice, the official website and Twitter account for “Evolved Apes” have also vanished, along with Evil Ape. The developer “left traces on the blockchain,” according to the report. These traces suggest that Evil Ape “siphoned 798 ether ($2.7 million) out of the project’s funds in various transfers,” according to the investigation. The monies were intended for project-related expenses like marketing, according to the Vice report, and were derived through the initial public sale of NFTs and commissions on the secondary market.

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Those who had invested in the NFT collection noticed that communication with the creator of “Evolved Apes” became an issue after the collection was dropped on September 24, according to the vice report.

Investors eventually discovered that the project artist had not been completely compensated by the NFT collection’s developer. They also discovered that the winners of a social media competition did not receive the NFTs promised as rewards.

As a result, the investors in “Evolved Apes” decided to undertake their own inquiry into what had occurred.

“What has happened is that Evil Ape has washed his hands of the project, taking away the wallet with all the ETH from minting that was supposed to be used for everything, from paying the artist, paying out cash giveaways, paying for marketing, paying for rarity tools, developing the game, and everything else in between,” according to a report written by Mike Cryptobull, one of the NFT connection’s investors, as quoted in the Vice report.

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