The Defender from Land Rover will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells.


The Defender from Land Rover will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

LAND Rover is working on a hydrogen fuel cell-powered version of their Defender.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced that testing on a zero-emission version of the popular 4×4 will begin later this year. The program is part of the company’s goal to reach net-zero carbon emissions across its supply chain, products, and operations by 2039, as well as zero tailpipe emissions by 2036. Hydrogen is used to generate electricity, which is then used to run a motor, with water being the only waste product.

Rivals Vehicles powered by hydrogen are now available from Toyota and Hyundai. “Hydrogen offers another zero tailpipe pollution solution for Jaguar Land Rover’s world class line-up of vehicles,” stated Ralph Clague of JLR.

The unveiling was “a very significant event,” according to Jim Holder, editorial director of magazine and website What Car?, because the Land Rover is identified with large polluting SUVs known as Chelsea tractors. “Hydrogen is quick to fuel, taking only minutes to fill a tank with enough for 300 kilometers of driving,” he stated.

“Some experts say that it is a more environmentally friendly long-term answer than battery-powered electric vehicles.”

The original Defender, which was featured in the James Bond film Skyfall, was a favorite of the Queen.


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