The Corbynite Left in Labour is striving for a power grab through drastic “land taxes and wars.”


The Corbynite Left in Labour is striving for a power grab through drastic “land taxes and wars.”

According to sources, the Labour Party’s Corbynite wing is ready to offer sweeping radical ideas and provoke a “conference fight.”

Sir Keir Starmer has been warned that until he totally overhauls Labour’s ideology and direction, he has little hope of regaining the votes of millions of Britons. Former pollster turned Labour Director of Strategy Deborah Mattinson said enormous swaths of the population still have no idea what Sir Keir stands for or where the party is headed. According to her, this will almost certainly result in a Conservative victory in the 2024 general election, meaning Labour will have been out of power for 14 years.

Ms Mattinson made the remarks during a briefing attended by Sir Keir, shadow ministers, and MPs days before the summer recess, which included damning internal polling and focus group findings.

This all comes ahead of Labour’s annual party conference in Brighton in September, which will be Sir Keir’s first appearance in front of a large group of Labour members.

The Corbynite Left of the Labour Party is preparing for the gathering, according to the Observer, where they will push for “conference battles.”

According to the magazine, these are intended to give “grassroots people more authority over MPs.”

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is credited with energizing the party’s youth and grassroots movement, entrusting them with vast powers not seen in decades.

Motions to replace council tax with a “land value tax” are now being “circulated.”

This, according to the Observer, was intended at the wealthy.

Another proposal, this time concerning the Trident nuclear weapons system, has the potential to split the party.


Mr Corbyn has been a vocal opponent of Trident throughout his political career, bringing to the frontbench many who shared his views, many of whom are still in the party.

Meanwhile, Sir Keir had already voted to renew Trident.

He also stated that the Opposition’s “non-negotiable support for nuclear deterrence” is non-negotiable.

However, the party’s radical sections are anticipated to demand that their leader and colleagues sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

A third group has called for Labour to adopt a “Covid eradication strategy,” which would require the party to be more active in criticizing the government’s response to the outbreak.

Another motion, which has received widespread support from local parties, asks on Labour to endorse a shift to proportional representation in Westminster elections.

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