The contact lenses of a lecturer who was fired for gazing at students’ breasts and butts.


The contact lenses of a lecturer who was fired for gazing at students’ breasts and butts.

After adolescent pupils complained about him “staring at their tops and cleavage,” John Taylor, 53, was fired from his job as an English instructor at a college in Wales.

A college lecturer claims he couldn’t see because he was wearing the wrong contact lenses when he was fired for looking at his female students’ “breasts and bottoms.”

Following allegations from his teenage students that he would gaze at their ‘tops and cleavage,’ John Taylor, an English teacher at Grwp Llandrillo Menai in Wales, was fired.

After Mr Taylor sued the college for handicap discrimination, allegations surfaced during a tribunal session.

A number of teenagers, aged around 17, claimed before the tribunal that Mr Taylor was behaving “inappropriately” in class.

As she walked out of class, a student alleged she saw him gazing at a girl’s breasts and another student’s “bottom.”

“The students [claimed]that during the afternoon lesson [Mr Taylor] had behaved inappropriately towards them by entering their ‘personal space’ and gazing at their tops and cleavage,” WalesOnline said.

“They also said that when they left the room for a break midway through the lesson, [he]was gazing at their buttocks.”

“The children reported how [Mr Taylor] assigned work to them and then went around the room, ostensibly looking at their work but actually peeping down their tops.”

Mr Taylor, who had worked at the college for 23 years, had previously been warned for emphasizing the term “cock” when pronouncing the surname of a female student.

Mr Taylor’s “hygiene” was criticized, and several pupils said he was “making students fail.”

On Mr Jones’s website, the students discovered CD-roms containing “5,000 glamour photographs” of two “young female celebrities,” some of which featured them in underwear or swimwear.

Mr Taylor has type 1 diabetes, which he claims affects his eyesight, and he claims he “couldn’t stare at anything” because of it, as well as “ancient contact lenses.”

In April of this year, he was fired for’sexually improper behavior.’

Employment Judge Robert Vernon, who presided over the hearing, stated that he did not feel the handicap was related to his actions.

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“It is more likely than not that [he]was consciously glancing at the,” he concluded. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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