‘The Conservatives have a chance in London!’ Shaun Bailey launches a scathing attack on Khan’s ‘tired’ leadership.


‘The Conservatives have a chance in London!’ Shaun Bailey launches a scathing attack on Khan’s ‘tired’ leadership.

Shaun Bailey, a former Conservative London Mayor candidate, unleashed a scathing attack on Sadiq Khan, claiming that Londoners are “weary of being fed” the Labour Mayor’s ideas.

Mr Bailey discussed how London can be “won” by the Conservative party and that people are “weary” of Sadiq Khan’s policies and want “practical dialogues” on Nigel Farage’s GB News “Talking Pints” about his unsuccessful mayoral election campaign to replace Labour’s Sadiq Khan. He then went on to criticize the “London press” for portraying the city as a “Labour voting city,” before claiming that there are more Conservative voters than most people believe.

Mr Farage pressed Mr Bailey on whether the Conservatives can “reclaim London” from Sadiq Khan’s Labour.

“Yes, they can, and I can tell you why they can reclaim it,” the candidate said.

“My findings showed me that people are growing tired of the information they are being fed, and they are beginning to question it.”

He went on to describe how a “Rasta” approached him on the street and told him, “You’re that Tory lad.”

Mr Bailey described how the man remarked, “I might have to vote Tory,” adding, “which was a major step for him.”

“So I asked why, and he responded, ‘We aren’t having a realistic conversation about the issues that the black community faces,’” he explained.

“There is a groundswell of people in London who just want to have a sensible talk about their needs,” Mr Bailey continued.

“They must not be labeled racists, sexists, or any other ‘ists’ simply because they disagree with the zeitgeist!”

“They just want London to work, and by extension, the entire country – those people are there, and they can be gotten!” he continued.

The former Conservative candidate went on to say that “the press wrote me off,” claiming that “London is a Labour city” and that “the press wrote me off.”

Mr Bailey, on the other hand, argued that the London press is “Labour dominated,” and that the capital is not, and is frequently depicted as, a left-leaning city.

He then joked that he’d have to “ask the wife” for permission to run for Mayor of London again.

Sadiq Khan received 1,206,034 votes (55.2 percent of the vote) in the London Mayoral elections in May, securing a second term. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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