The clown, Prince Harry! Duke is mocked as a “jester at Queen Meghan’s court!”


The clown, Prince Harry! Duke is mocked as a “jester at Queen Meghan’s court!”

According to a royal analyst, Prince Harry was relegated to “becoming a jester in the court of Queen Meghan” in her film last week.

Jonathan Sacerdoti claimed the Duke of Sussex’s role with the former Suits actress was gradually becoming that of a “fun-loving sidekick,” and questioned whether the overall effect was “healthy for his brand.” On August 4, the Duchess’s 40th birthday, the video was posted to the royal couple’s Archewell website.

What a fall from grace – from Prince to practically being a court jester in Queen Meghan’s court.

Sacerdoti, Jonathan

Meghan is seen conversing with comic actress Melissa McCarthy via video link about her 40×40 program aimed at assisting “women re-entering the workforce” during the two-and-a-half minute segment.

Mr Sacerdoti, a regular Sky News analyst and contributor to The Spectator, was unconvinced, not least because of Harry’s role in the proceedings.

“What a tumble – from being Prince to essentially being a jester in Queen Meghan’s court,” he told this publication.

“How Meghan and Harry divide their public appearances and statements strikes me as interesting.

“Meghan has kept a low profile throughout most of this, delegating much of the work to Harry.

“She did the main part of the Oprah Winfrey interview, and it was an interview with a close friend of theirs, one so close that she was invited to their wedding, so it wasn’t expected to be a hardship for her.

“I’d be astonished if there wasn’t a lot of mutual preparation beforehand, even if they claimed there wasn’t at the start of the interview.

“On the other side, Harry stepped in for a brief segment at the end of that interview, but since then, he’s been in charge of the majority of it.

“He’s been saying all kinds of things – he’s been revealing his truth about the Royal Family and his childhood and adulthood in the UK as a member of that family, to name a few things.

“She’s been taking a backseat, which I believe was done purposefully to safeguard her reputation.”

Meghan and Harry had a joint reputation as Meghan and Harry, but they also had distinct ones as Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of.


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