The cleaner discovers a “mind-blowing” feature in the dishwasher that makes unclean cutlery sparkle.


The cleaner discovers a “mind-blowing” feature in the dishwasher that makes unclean cutlery sparkle.

A CLEANER discovered a “amazing” feature in her dishwasher that cleans soiled cutlery.

Owner of the professional cleaning firm Clean-Freak Cleaning Company in Australia, Liesl Elizabeth, presented her discovery on TikTok.

“I was today years old when…” she starts at the start of the brief movie, before loading knives and forks into the machine’s top rack.

The mum-of-three discovered that cutlery could be neatly put in the different sections of the area that is generally used for larger utensils.

When the soiled cutlery came out shining at the end of the film, Liesl was “mind-blown.”

Her video has been seen over 15,000 times, with many viewers admitting they were unaware of the feature.

One TikToker joked, “Is this witchcraft?”

Another person wrote: “Oh my god. I’m so stupid.” Others asked where Leisl had been putting her cutlery instead of the obvious tray, while some were surprised by the cleaning hack.

“How could this have gone unnoticed?” “It’s literally illustrated in the user manual,” one wrote, while another noted. Some users claimed they didn’t have the rack and only had a basket for their silverware, so they couldn’t use the brilliant hack.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, a smart mother revealed her simple money technique for ensuring she always has enough money to pay her obligations.

The woman describes how she keeps the money there until her payments are due, and therefore knows she can afford everything, on her TikTok channel, where she uploads under the domain @shes.on.a.budget.

“I’m putting £120 aside for my water bill, which is due next year, folks,” she remarked.

“I’m trying to make sure that I can pay these payments in advance; knowing that they’re done for the year removes a lot of weight and burden off my mind,” she continues.


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