The chip count at Wetherspoons has been called ‘chip Korea,’ as a woman selling nudes enforces tight standards.


The chip count at Wetherspoons has been called ‘chip Korea,’ as a woman selling nudes enforces tight standards.

After a lady attempted to flog explicit images online, the organizers of the viral Wetherspoons Chip Count Facebook group were obliged to impose extra restrictions on members.

After being forced to become private, the popular Wetherspoons club dedicated to calculating chip portions has been labelled a “dictatorship” by admins.

After a “questionable” woman attempted to sell naked images to various pubgoers when the page got popular, restrictions were imposed.

An moderator wrote in an explanation post that the group is now a “brutal dictatorship” and that followers may refer to it as “Chip Korea,” comparing the privacy settings to the laws in North Korea under Kim Jong-regime. un’s

They also quipped that “haircuts will be required to maintain membership” since they want to remove members who aren’t serious punters off the membership list.

“The group has absolutely blown up in the past month or two after getting viral,” one admin wrote in a post to the group, “and we are pleased to have welcomed so many dedicated fellow chip counters who take our job seriously.”

“Unfortunately, the public nature of this organization meant that we were attracting utter droves of pure sediment, especially in the last fortnight.”

“Among my favorites were a dubious Vietnamese girl who was continuously attempting to sell her a*** through the comments, a clairvoyant who was also trying to sell their idiotic services, and an entire swath of people narrowly missing police registrations.”

“Now that we’re secret, we’re approving membership, and we’re starting to weed out the remaining cretins.” We’ll take our time, but we’ll get there.” After a posting by Twitter user @JoeBillGibbo revealed that the British pub chain has become the place to be for chip counting and measuring, the group went viral last month.

Some people take out their rulers and measure the chips to see how long and wide their favorite potato snack is.

Joseph shared screenshots of some of his favorite “paltry chip count” postings on his Facebook page.

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“Found my new favorite Facebook group,” Joseph wrote in the tweet’s caption. I’m looking forward to making my first contribution.” Dan Austin, one of the group members, expressed satisfaction with his contribution, saying, “21 chips, average chip length was 2.75 inch total.” “Way to go.” John Kirkwood, another member, whipped out his ruler to check the length. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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