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The Chase host Bradley Walsh stunned as doctor gets medical question wrong

THE Chase’s tension-filled studio saw a brainbox doctor falter at a medical question – leaving host Bradley Walsh stunned.

The much-loved presenter could only swiftly move on after contestant Euan struggled with the location of the pituitary gland.

With the ITV quiz show at the £4,000 mark he was asked: “The pituitary gland is located on the underside of what organ?”

Looking bemused, Euan replied: “Erm…The neck?”

Bradley, 60, could only stutter “brain” before moving on to the next question.

The pea-sized endocrine gland is in fact located at the base of the spine yet later Euan confessed in the hectic studio, he did not hear the question correctly.

Telly favourite Bradley told him: “Back to uni!” before Euan replied: “I thought you said thyroid.”

Bradley added: “You need your ears tested, go and see your doctor, have you got pals watching this?”

Giggling Euan replied: “Definitely… That’s bad.”

He later confirmed he was dreading facing Chaser Paul Sinha, also a doctor, but of course in true quiz show style they came head to head.

Even though Euan beat Paul in their round, the Chaser quipped of his mistake: “That wasn’t medical ignorance, that was just you being hard of hearing.

“Hearing by the way… the ears.”

Meanwhile fans were quick to comment on the blunder on Twitter, with one writing: “The brain, doctor! And you think that neck is an organ of the body! #TheChase.”

Another surmised: “Wouldn’t want to be treated by Euan. I might have thyroid problems and he’d be cutting my brain open.”

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