The button you should never hit during take-off is revealed by a flight attendant.


A FLIGHT attendant has warned passengers which button to never press during take-off – unless you want to be hated by the crew.

Kat Kamalani, who has gained popularity on social media sharing secrets of being part of the flight crew, explained why the call button should be avoided.

She explained to her 745k followers on TikTok: “This drives flight attendants absolutely bonkers when you hit your flight attendant call light button if we are on the tarmac, or going up or going down on the aircraft.

“The reason being it is a huge safety issue for us and we could get injured and the same with you guys.

“So from the tarmac – if you hit this and its not some kind of emergency, we are straight going back to our seat.

“If you hit this when we are going up in the aircraft or down and are landing we wont even come to the light, we will come to it afterwards.

“But don’t hit this button if you need a barf bag, or a blanket, or water, headphones or food – any of that stuff. Because your flight attendant won’t be so happy.

Some people didn’t agree, and thought it was too harsh – one person wrote: “It’s there for me to get assistance – I’m not really concerned if they like it or not.”

Another person said: “We literally pay for our ticket and the services and the attendant must put in the work.”

Someone else asked: “I literally was about to puke all over the sea with motion sickness so I had to press the button. What else are people supposed to do?”

However, others defended Kat – one person said: “I feel a lot of people missed the point. She’s not saying don’t hit it, she’s saying don’t hit it to ask for stuff during landing or take off.”

Another person added: “My mom told us don’t ever push that button for any reason. My mom was a flight attendant and until I became one, I now understand why.”

Other flight attendants and pilots agree with Kat too – back in 2018, Steve Bazer, a captain for a large US airline, explained on Quora: “It interferes with their cabin service if it occurs during the first hour and a half, or the last hour of a long flight.

“They are generally in the aisle with their carts, and must discontinue service and stow their cart to reach you [so]it then depends on the nature of the reason you called them.”

He added: “Bottom line, call if it’s something important and they’ll understand. Call about something totally selfish or… Brinkwire Brief News.


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