The bride’s wedding is themed like The Walking Dead, complete with zombies chasing her down the aisle.


The bride’s wedding is themed like The Walking Dead, complete with zombies chasing her down the aisle.

THE WALKING DEAD provided the inspiration for a horror-obsessed bride’s wedding, which included a zombie chasing her down the aisle.

Amanda Bleker and Terry Bleker married on the show’s tenth anniversary, with the ceremony taking place in the show’s fictional town from the third season. Someone costumed as a zombie pursued them down the aisle before being slain by a Rick Grimes imposter on the wedding day.

Mr Bleker, who is a member of the US military, isn’t a big fan of the program, but Ms Bleker decided it had to be the theme because it was her “dream wedding.”

“Neither of us wanted a conventional white wedding, so we said’screw tradition’ and ditched the church bells,” the 35-year-old bride from Dadeville, Alabama stated.

“I’ve been a great fan of The Walking Dead since it first aired in 2010, so it was a natural fit.”

Ms Bleker stated that she drew inspiration for the big day from a variety of sources, with the end product often surprising the people she tells about it.

”I got ideas from other people,” she continued, “but we wanted the wedding to be unique, so we really tried to make it our own.”

“Everything went flawlessly, with the highlight being being hunted by a zombie until Rick Grimes arrived.

“When I tell people I had a Walking Dead wedding, their jaws drop every time!” says the bride.

The couple started dating in 2016, and Ms Bleker was treated to the season eight premiere of the show for their one-year anniversary.

”I really adore it so much – I can honestly say that show saved my life,” she remarked.

“It was always able to cheer me up and accompany me through some difficult occasions, such as when a close friend died.”

Their wedding took place in Senoia, Georgia, which was used to film the fictional town of Woodbury in season three of the AMC drama, with the gazebo where the couple exchanged vows appearing on screen.

Michael Wilson, a 56-year-old Rick Grimes cosplayer from Covington, Georgia, as well as Jose Sanchez, a zombie from the show, took part.

Mr Wilson, who works at Home Depot, says he is frequently asked to photograph customers. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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