The Brexit debate is expected to heat up as the UK considers how to ‘divide and conquer’ the EU in order to ‘weaken the union.’


The Brexit debate is expected to heat up as the UK considers how to ‘divide and conquer’ the EU in order to ‘weaken the union.’

BREXIT could result in the UK attempting to “divide and conquer” the EU, which is in danger of being weakened.

The UK and EU continue to battle on a number of issues, making Brexit a polarizing issue. The Northern Ireland protocol has recently caused a rift between London and Brussels, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson calling for a modification to the Brexit separation deal. The EU is furious, accusing the UK of failing to implement the agreement to which it agreed, but the UK government accuses Brussels of being rigid.

Relations between the EU and the UK have been strained due to disagreements over fishing, financial services, and vaccines.

In 2019, experts shared their perspectives on how Brexit would affect the UK, the EU, and their future relationship.

Timothy Garton Ash, an Oxford University professor of European Studies, believes that the UK’s exit from the EU could “weaken the union.”

“The fact that Western Europe’s three great powers – the United Kingdom, Germany, and France – are all members of the EU [has]helped Europe run in a steady manner for many decades,” he continued.

“Removing the United Kingdom from that triangular connection is likely to upset the delicate balances among member states, weakening the union in the long run.

“Moreover, if tensions between Britain and the EU persist after Brexit, the UK may be inclined to divide and rule in Europe, further weakening the continent.”

Professor Conan Fischer of the University of St Andrews, author of A Vision of Europe, argued that a weaker union would allow right-wing populists to gain more support.

“Any weakened European Union will, unfortunately, enhance the likelihood of right-wing populist nationalism gaining additional support in many regions of our continent,” he warned.

In January 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron acknowledged that Brexit is a wake-up call for the EU, emphasizing that it must alter in order to survive.

“It is a historic alarm signal that must echo in each of our countries, be heard throughout Europe, and cause us to consider,” he said.

However, the French President warned that now that the UK is a third country, it will no longer have the same privileges as before.

He stated that nothing would change “in a practical way” in terms of France-UK relations, but warned that “it will not be.”Brinkwire Summary News


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