The Bolton family is in shock when their grandfather was given the wrong grave for his funeral.


The Bolton family is in shock when their grandfather was given the wrong grave for his funeral.

A FAMILY was forced to watch their grandfather’s grave being dug up during his funeral after the wrong plot was assigned to him.

Charles Todd’s funeral was held on Monday after he died on August 2 from respiratory failure. His relatives, on the other hand, were heartbroken when cemetery workers dug up another plot of land in the middle of a service.

Mr Todd, who died in Tonge Cemetery, Bolton, at the age of 65, was unable to choose his own piece of ground before he died.

His family then chose a location for his memorial service in the cemetery, but cemetery employees dug up the wrong grave.

During the funeral on Monday, the family had to watch workers dig up the correct area of land for the event.

The funeral went ahead after 45 minutes, but the delays caused the hot food prepared for the wake to become cold.

Mr Todd’s son, Eddie Todd, 36, told the Manchester Evening News that watching staff dig up the right plot was sad.

“We are completely devastated,” he said.

“The service was just lovely; we couldn’t have wished for anything more, but then this happened.

It makes a mockery of the entire situation.

“My father stated that he had wanted to go pick his own plot but was unable to do so due to Covid.

“My mother was irritated because he never decided where he was going.”

Eddie told the source that the hearse carrying his father arrived in the wrong portion of Tonge Cemetery, at a space that was planned to be utilized for another burial later that month.

“We came to a halt at a slight bend,” he said. ‘What are we doing here?’ I asked.

“I figured carrying him from there would be a lengthy haul.

“However, they pointed to a hole in the ground where he was to be buried. “That’s not where he’s headed,” I said.

Before going to the cemetery to ultimately lay his father to rest, cemetery personnel proposed sending Charles back to the chapel and the funeral visitors to the wake.

After Charles’ family insisted that he “wouldn’t have two funerals,” the cemetery personnel began excavating the proper burial while his family stood nearby for 45 minutes.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Eddie The burial fees were offered to be waived by Bolton Council, but his family hoped for more.

A representative for Bolton. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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