The blame for the Afghan crisis has been laid on the United States, claiming that Biden “started a series of terrible events.”


The blame for the Afghan crisis has been laid on the United States, claiming that Biden “started a series of terrible events.”

THE EVACUATION OF FOREIGN NATIONS AND VULNERABLE CIVILIANS HAS ENDED, leaving thousands of people fearful of being tortured or killed by the Taliban. According to a new poll, the British population feels the United States is to responsible for the majority of the blame.

According to a poll of 9,255 persons conducted between 12 p.m. on September 1 to 4 p.m. on September 2, the US is the power most responsible for the chaos surrounding the Afghanistan withdrawal. On August 14, hurried evacuation attempts began, and both the President and British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab claimed that the situation in Afghanistan evolved faster than they expected. Mr Raab was handed a danger report on July 22 that warned of “rapid Taliban advances.”

In just over two weeks, Western forces were able to evacuate around 122,000 individuals.

At its peak, the effort saved 19,000 people every day on flights that left every 20 minutes.

Thousands of British and American citizens, as well as Afghans who collaborated with the West, remain stranded in Afghanistan, and many fear for their lives now that the deadline for evacuation has gone.

According to a leaked UN assessment, the Taliban were planning lethal retaliation against Afghans who had cooperated with the West.

According to the report, the Taliban were conducting a well-organized door-to-door search for those on their wanted list.

“One day they [the Taliban]will discover us and kill us,” an Afghan interpreter who formerly served for the British troops told BBC radio 4.

“They are looking for these guys [interpreters], and they will never abandon them.”

“Please help us,” urged another member of the Canadian military. We’re going to die if you don’t get us out of Afghanistan.”

Boris Johnson is alleged to have begged with President Obama to extend the evacuation date, but the Pentagon stated the threat to American personnel in Afghanistan had grown too significant, and they would have to leave by August 31.

“Never leave a man behind,” every military leader in the world says, but BIDEN left THOUSANDS of people behind, according to an Express reader.

“He left BILLIONS of dollars in military equipment, and the TALIBAN now has the power to fight like they’ve never fought before owing to him.”

“Brinkwire Summary News,” for example.


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