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The best supermarket school uniform ranges from Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco according to young experts and their mums

WITH schools due to reopen in September, it’s time to kit the kids out with new uniforms.

But with many of us trying to cut our costs because of the pandemic recession, how can you ensure your children are dressed to impress while spending less?

Thankfully, the supermarkets are on hand to help.

Abby McHale asks Lucas Bovell and Annabelle Baker Ogunjimi, both seven, to try their ranges.

TOTAL: £47.25

Annabelle’s mum, Natalie Baker, 44, a retail assistant from Tufnell Park, North London, says: “I love this T-shirt so much I’d let her wear it not just for school. The frills add a nice detail.”

Annabelle says: “The T-shirt is really soft and I love the bag.”

TOTAL: £72

Lucas’s mum Carina Lepore, 32, who won The Apprentice in 2019 and lives in Croydon, South London, says: “He looks like he’s about to go into year seven – so smart.”

Lucas says: “I feel very grown up in this outfit. Sometimes it’s nice to look this smart.”

TOTAL: £61

Natalie says: “This outfit is very smart and I like the quality of the fabric. I love that the trousers have adjustable straps.”

Annabelle says: “I like the T-shirt because it’s got frills around the neck. My shoes are comfy, too.”

TOTAL: £86

Carina says: “M&S has always been great quality. Plus they don’t just look and feel good, they really are true to size.”

Lucas says: “This outfit is really comfy and I like the lunch box with the animals on.”

TOTAL: £18.24

Carina says: “I like that these shorts have pockets. I can’t believe they’re only £1.75.”

Lucas says: “The shorts fit nice so I can run fast in them.”

TOTAL: £32.50

Natalie says: “This is so different, I love it. I would like it to have pockets but apart from that it feels really trendy. You don’t often see playsuits in this print, just dresses.”

Annabelle says: “This is really good for running around in and I like the bow on the front.”

TOTAL: £34.48

Natalie says: “There’s a hidden zip on this dress which you don’t normally find with kids’ clothing. It makes it easier to get on and off.”

Annabelle says: “I’ve never worn a belt before with any of my outfits and I really like this one on the dress.”

TOTAL: £40.98

Carina says: “The jumper feels good quality and the velcro school shoes are much easier than laces.”

Lucas says: “The red jumper is my favourite, it’s so soft.”

TOTAL: £16.25

Carina says: “The blue T-shirt makes a nice change and the plimsolls were easy to put on.”

Lucas says: “I have to wear plimsolls and these ones are comfy and a good fit.”

TOTAL: £20

Natalie says: “These trousers are really cute with bows on. The cardigan also feels really nice quality.”

Annabelle says: “I really like all the bows on this outfit and the cardigan is soft.”

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