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The best-selling beauty product that actress Naomi Watts, 51, swears by for ‘instant glowing skin’ 

Hollywood actress Naomi Watts has named three cult beauty products by the Australian brand The Beauty Chef as her favourite item for ‘instant glowing skin’.

The 51-year-old said that she likes to use several products from the bio-fermented inner beauty range, and mixes them into her smoothies, water and breakfasts for instant results.

‘I’m usually starving by 11 am. I might make a green smoothie and add the Glow Powder from The Beauty Chef and have a big glass of water with a dash of their Hydration or Collagen Boost,’ Naomi told Goop.

She added that drinking plenty of water with the hydrating boosters is the easiest way to get her skin primed and looking its best before events.

So what is so special about The Beauty Chef’s Glow powder, as well as their Hydration and Collagen Boosters? 

Retailing for $65 and $42 respectively, the products claim to help your skin from the inside out.

The Glow Supercharged powder ($65), for instance, is one of the brand’s most popular products, as it includes powerful vitamins including A, C and zinc – which all help to boost your body’s natural production of collagen and promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.

The Hydration and Collagen Boosters (both $42) feature other skin-enhancing ingredients like goji berry and coconut water to hydrate, smooth fine lines and enhance your overall complexion.

Reviews on The Beauty Chef’s website attest to its power to help the skin and insides, with hundreds of five-star reviews saying it is an ‘essential morning ritual’.  

‘This is my holy grail product,’ one woman posted of the Glow powder.

‘I was skeptical when I first purchased it, but I can’t live without it now. It soothes my digestive system, tastes amazing and I can really tell the difference!

‘My skin is much clearer, brighter and soothed and I have become much more regular.’

Other reviewers said it has helped them with skin redness, spots and sugar cravings throughout the day.  

Naomi isn’t the only high-profile fan either.

Meghan Markle has also reportedly tried The Beauty Chef with impressive results, while Gwyneth Paltrow herself has also used it in the past.

British facialist Sarah Chapman previously said that The Beauty Chef’s Glow powder was Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s ‘go-to supplement’.

The $65 additive contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and probiotics, as well as amino acids and essential fatty acids including chia, green tea and sunflower seeds.

Sales of Glow powder have also grown 301 per cent over the last five years, and tripled in the past few months since The Beauty Chef launched a new and improved re-formulated product.

The founder of The Beauty Chef, Carla Oates, dreamed up the range when her daughter started to struggle with chronic eczema.

Carla, 46, had struggled with eczema as a child, before she started following a more holistic approach to her health – thinking both about what she put into her body as well as what she applied to her skin. 

‘I did some research into gut health and the benefits of eating lacto-fermented, probiotic foods for gut health and skin health such as eczema,’ Carla, from Sydney, told Daily Mail Australia.

She started to make lacto-fermented foods for her daughter at home:

‘I noticed a big difference in her skin and well-being,’ she said.

‘I also noticed a big difference in my skin when I was eating them. Friends and family started asking what I was using – and then became addicted to my fermented vegetables.’ 

The Beauty Chef business sprung from here and it has since gone on to have success around the world.

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