The BBC has been criticised for ‘flailing around’ in a desperate attempt to salvage the future by paying a license fee.


The BBC has been criticised for ‘flailing around’ in a desperate attempt to salvage the future by paying a license fee.

The BBC has been blasted for ‘flailing around’ in a desperate attempt to salvage the future.

BBC Three’s return to television has been condemned as “misguided” and a “futile attempt” to stay relevant by OFCOM.

The broadcast regulator accepted the move after the business disclosed its plans earlier this year.

It will return to linear television broadcasting in February of next year.

The BBC only debuted the channel online in 2016, but it is planning a rebrand to appeal to a younger audience.

The broadcaster’s audience is aging, and it is desperately seeking to woo millennials to ensure its long-term viability.

The BBC’s return to linear transmission is hoped to help it target younger audiences, notably those from lower-income households and those who live outside of London and the South East, according to Ofcom.

Today’s decision has been criticised by critics, who argue that reinstating BBC Three on television screens will have little impact.

“All along, I think it’s been a weird choice,” said Julian Knight, chair of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee.

“It’s strange that the BBC is resurrecting this channel, which has, to be honest, had some dubious programming in the past.”

“I’m really skeptical of the BBC’s decision to revive this once-failed channel,” he continued.

“However ridiculous the decision may be, the BBC has the final say.”

Meanwhile, Defund the BBC campaign director Rebecca Ryan described the BBC’s choice as “flailing around in the dark.”

“Clearly, the BBC can see that their licence fee payer numbers are declining, and this is another another unsuccessful attempt to attract younger viewers,” she told this website.

“The BBC’s combined TV, radio, and online services are watched by more children than Netflix.”

Meanwhile, the over-50s are fed up with being mocked, scolded, and exploited.

“Ofcom has suggested that the relaunched BBC Three should attract to audiences outside of London as well as those from lower-income households.”

However, according to the BBC’s own research, it is precisely these audiences who are the least satisfied with the broadcaster.

“The British populace has had enough.

By switching to on-demand and lawfully canceling their television license, people are recovering power.”

“Rather than switching, the BBC is flailing around in the dark, desperately attempting to hold on to the live TV tax,” she continued.

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