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The BBC does not represent Britain, why is the nation being forced to fund it?

THE BBC no longer seeks to represent or entertain half the population. Why should we all still be forced to fund it?

It is clear from its news, its commentary, its dramas and its dismal, lazy comedy that it despises the voting majority which — to the out-of-touch corporation’s disbelief — repeatedly backed both Brexit and the Tories.

Its decision now to censor Rule, ­Britannia! and Land of Hope and Glory ought to be the last straw.

Boris Johnson has rightly joined many others in condemning it. And though it is not for the PM to decide the BBC’s output, his Government can and should end its publicly funded financial model.

The Beeb could turn this around. It just doesn’t want to. It dislikes much about Britain and is ashamed of our past.

Its woke staff are interested only in causes and ideas beloved of middle-class metropolitan Remainer graduates like them. Mainstream views shared by the ordinary majority, older Conservative voters in particular, are held in contempt if they are considered at all.

So Tories, who won a huge election mandate only months ago, are treated with cynical disdain. Meanwhile ­left-wing activists are routinely given platforms on news programmes where they masquerade as “ordinary people” or even Newsnight journalists.

The BBC has destroyed the case for its licence fee. It’s time the Government stopped griping about it and took action.

THE U-turn on wearing Covid masks in schools is an own-goal.

For months the Government, backed by its Sage scientists and a wealth of international evidence, assured parents it is entirely safe to start the new term.

How so, if kids in some areas now ­suddenly need masks — and Heads elsewhere will be able to bring them in too?

We don’t believe they are scientifically necessary in schools at all, given how lightly the virus affects children and how rarely they spread it to teachers.

All they will do is ramp up fear among pupils and over-anxious parents while causing teachers a discipline nightmare.

And why the about-face, hours after denying masks would be needed in schools? Because Scotland brought them in? Because the WHO changed its tune? Because unions might have used their absence as a new wrecking tactic? 

None of those is a decent motive. 

Either the Government believes masks are medically essential in schools or, like its top advisers, it doesn’t. Which is it?

WHAT a superstar Jimmy Anderson is.

His historic 600th Test wicket represents a mind-boggling feat unique among fast bowlers. For 17 years he has roared in for England. And he’s still fit as a fiddle.

Howzat for a career?

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