The anti-monarchy group ‘Don’t fly by private aircraft!’ has slammed Prince William’s environmental initiative.


The anti-monarchy group ‘Don’t fly by private aircraft!’ has slammed Prince William’s environmental initiative.

An anti-monarchy group has criticized Prince William’s environmental justice stance ahead of his Earthshot Prize award event on Sunday.

In the midst of a slew of high-profile environmental campaigns from senior royals, Republic chastised the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on social media. Prince William and Kate were spotted strolling through Kew Gardens in West London, hoping “to work with children on Earthshot ideas to preserve the globe from climate change,” according to Richard Palmer, royal writer for the Express. “Hopefully the children would recommend fewer luxury mansions, no helicopter flights, and maybe don’t fly by private aircraft,” Republic’s official account responded to his article. This answer comes only days before the Earthshot Prize’s televised awards ceremony, which will air on the BBC at 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Five winners will be chosen from a shortlist of 15, and each will earn a £1 million prize.

Prince William, Sir David Attenborough, and Jordan’s Queen Rania are among the judges.

According to the Royal Foundation’s website, the Prize “is the most ambitious and prestigious of its type – meant to incentivize change and help to heal our world over the next ten years.”

The Earth is at a tipping point, and we confront a stark choice,” said Prince William, who is a driving force behind the project.

“Either we remain as we are and irrevocably harm our world, or we recall our unique strength as human beings and our constant ability to lead, invent, and problem-solve,” he asserted.

“People are capable of great things. The next ten years will be one of our most important tests — a decade of action to heal the planet.” This follows Prince Charles’ recent BBC interview, in which he stated that he understands what motivates groups like Extinction Rebellion to act.

The Prince of Wales, speaking from Balmoral, warned of the “catastrophic” repercussions of failing to address climate change.

The Prince of Wales highlighted that “the difficulty is to get action on the ground” ahead of COP26 in Glasgow next month.

“All these young people feel like nothing ever happens,” he continued, “so they’re going to get frustrated.”

“I completely understand since no one would listen, and they see their future shattered.”

The Prince then revealed his anxieties for the future. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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