The Amsterdam Dance Event Channel is back on Deezer.


The Amsterdam Dance Event Channel is back on Deezer.

In time for ADE 2021, Deezer, the French online streaming music provider, introduced its Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) channel.

Six playlists will be available on the music channel, including various electronic sub-genres such as house and disco techno. These playlists feature songs by well-known performers in the genre, including as David Guetta, Floating Points, Ellen Allien, and others.

In addition, the ADE website now features a Deezer music widget. The Deezer music widget has a “Sounds of ADE” playlist including tunes by Charlotte de Witte and Carl Cox, among others.

The Return of Deezer’s Amsterdam Dance Event Channel

In time for this year’s event, Deezer has announced the return of its Amsterdam Dance Event (channel). On October 6, Deezer’s ADE 2021 Channel will be live.

The dates for ADE 2021 are October 13 to 17, 2021.

“We’ve partnered with ADE for the fourth year in a row because we love to support the electronic community, including all the DJs we respect and adore,” Marc-Antoine Rousseau, Deezer’s Dance & Electronic Content Specialist, stated.

“Because many music fans still can’t truly enjoy ADE live,” Rousseau explained, “we’ve designed a music hub to capture all the intensity and bustle that you’d experience at a live festival.”

Deezer’s ADE 2021 Channel will have six playlists spanning progressive, house, disco techno, and drum & bass, among other electronic sub-genres. Tracks by well-known electronic musicians such as David Guetta, Floating Points, Martin Garrix, Paula Temple, Ellen Allien, and others will be included in these playlists.

This isn’t the first time the French online streaming music service has put together a playlist for a certain occasion or event. Deezer released an exclusive playlist in April to commemorate Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday.

Widget for Deezer Music

On the ADE website, there is also a Deezer music widget.

A special “Sounds of ADE” playlist is included in the Deezer music widget. Charlotte de Witte, Carl Cox, Claptone, and Richie Hawtin are among the artists featured on this playlist. These are the artists who will be present at the ADE in 2021.

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