The acrimonious Brexit spat with the EU has been blamed on Theresa May’s “weakness.”


The acrimonious Brexit spat with the EU has been blamed on Theresa May’s “weakness.”

A senior Brexiteer has slammed supporters of Theresa May, accusing her of being to accountable for the Northern Ireland Protocol issue.

Customs checks are required on some products traveling between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom under Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan.

Unionists are outraged by the proposal, which they claim undermines British sovereignty.

Mrs May’s “weakness,” according to Patrick O’Flynn, a former UKIP MEP, was the underlying reason for the compromise.

“Theresa May supporters today berating Johnson and Frost for the Northern Ireland Protocol’s flaws is a bit rich,” he tweeted.

May’s weakness at the negotiating table, where she gave up UK leverage and reduced alternatives, was the genesis of the problem.

The EU took legal action against the UK earlier this year after the British government unilaterally delayed the implementation of some customs checks.

Loyalist unrest in Northern Ireland in April was partly blamed on dissatisfaction with the Protocol.

There are fears that unless the problem is rectified by July, the peak of the loyalist marching season, more confrontations will arise.

Mrs May’s former chief of staff, Gavin Barwell, retaliated against Mr O’Flynn.

“Utter drivel,” he replied.

“The May government persuaded the EU to abandon their earlier ideas for an NI-only backstop, and Johnson/Frost then agreed to what the EU had always intended.

“And if Boris had truly believed that no deal was the best conclusion, he could have run for office on a no-deal platform.”

Both the United Kingdom and the European Union have stated that a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland would jeopardize the peace process.

Mrs May offered that the UK remain in the same customs territory as the EU, but MPs rejected her proposal.

Lord Frost, the UK’s main Brexit negotiator, and Marcos Sefcovic, the EU’s head negotiator, failed to reach a deal on Wednesday.

“The engagement between Lord Frost and Maros Sefcovic has been characterised as ‘frank, but more talking is not what Northern Ireland needs,” Edwin Poots, the incoming DUP leader, tweeted.

“We need to get rid of the NI Protocol.

“If Brussels is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly de

Mr. O’Flynn argued on Twitter that the Northern Ireland Protocol should be repealed unless Brussels makes concessions.

“Frost has proven to be a tough negotiator – he needs to be so again,” he said.

“The possibility of the UK simply abandoning the protocol should provide enough leverage to force.” Brinkwire Summary News


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