The abused lady who fatally stabbed her husband ‘joked’ with detectives about being ‘arrested in Marks & Spencer pyjamas.’


The abused lady who fatally stabbed her husband ‘joked’ with detectives about being ‘arrested in Marks & Spencer pyjamas.’

A court heard that an abuse wife who fatally stabbed her husband joked with cops about being detained in her Marks & Spencer pyjamas.

Penelope Jackson, 66, stabbed her retired lieutenant colonel husband David three times in the kitchen of their Berrow, Somerset property.

The jury was informed that Jackson was brought to Bridgwater Station in Somerset, where she spoke honestly about what had transpired.

“Do you normally have killers wearing Marks & Spencer pyjamas?” the former Ministry of Defence accountant asked officers.

“I did it,” she added. It’s a different story as to why I did it. Please accept my apologies. No. And you’re free to take it. I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry. It’s taken a long time to get here.” “I don’t have the knife with me, don’t laugh,” the defendant informed authorities. “I can promise you, we’re not laughing,” one responded. On the third day of her trial at Bristol Crown Court on Wednesday, jurors were shown video of the 66-year-old being arrested.

When cops arrived at her home on February 13 this year, her husband of 24 years, 78-year-old David Jackson, was bleeding to death and just wearing his underpants.

As she was patted down and handcuffed, Jackson can be heard saying, “I’ve got my ‘jamas on, I’ve got my ‘jamas on.”

Jackson was told at one point to refrain from speaking until she got legal representation.

“I know what I’ve done and why I’ve done it, and if I haven’t done it properly, I’m pretty annoyed,” she continued.

“I stabbed him, he’s an aggressive bully and unpleasant, and I’ve had it with him.”

Jackson sat in the dock yesterday with her head in her hands at moments while video of her arrest was shown to the court.

She was seen standing outside her front door at one point, telling officers, “I admit it everything.” He’s strewn on the kitchen floor. Hopefully, you’ll be too late.

“Whatever, I am completely compos mentis.” Do not pass judgment on me since he deserved it.” Jackson is claimed to have attacked her husband with an eight-inch filleting knife.

She also has a tattoo that reads ‘Property of David Jackson’ over her right buttock, which she got on the third day of the murder trial.

Veronica Statham, a friend, told the jury she believed the incident was carried out “in a fit of rage.”

“I got the idea she did it to be a little controversial,” she continued.

“I believe she stated that David was away at the time, that something had come up, and that she had opted to get the tattoo.” I believe she stated that David was dissatisfied with the situation.” Jackson admits to the retired lieutenant colonel’s murder, but… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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