The absence of Prince Harry from the Royal Statement, according to an expert, reveals a “glaring” sign.


The absence of Prince Harry from the Royal Statement reveals a ‘glaring’ sign, according to an expert.

Prince Harry has been unusually quiet ahead of the second installment of the BBC’s explosive documentary about the brothers’ relationship with the media, while the rest of the royal family has condemned it.

Last week, all three royal households – Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, and Kensington Palace – signed a joint statement condemning the BBC’s new documentary The Princes and the Press, but The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, was not among them.

The two-part documentary, which premiered this week, looks at how the brothers’ relationship with the media has evolved over time and is said to include explosive claims about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as comments about Princess Diana.

While a free, responsible, and open press is “vital to a healthy democracy,” the three royal households accused the BBC of being involved in “overblown and unfounded claims” from unnamed sources that are presented as facts in a joint statement condemning the show.

The missing royal, according to royal expert Daniela Elser of, is a sign that his relationship with brother Prince William is even more strained than we might think.

“Now, this (the statement) is hardly an acid-fueled tongue-lashing for the ages,” she wrote, “but what’s important here is what wasn’t in the statement.”

“That is one name – Harry, you know, the member of the royal family who has never shied away from berating the press in the past.

“To this point, the Duke of Sussex has remained silent.

Previously, rebuffing the media was one of the things that brought the Wales brothers together…that kind of mutual undertaking appears to be a thing of the past.”

Amol Rajan hosts the show, which includes behind-the-scenes suggestions from royal sources.

It is billed as telling the story of one of modern royal history’s most “dramatic” periods.

A second episode, focusing on the years 2018-2021, when the royal feud really began, will air on BBC at 9pm on Monday.

The Brinkwire contacted Buckingham Palace as well as the Duke of Sussex to see if they were aware of the statement.

The former was adamant in his refusal to comment.

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