The 2020 Archewell figures have put Meghan Markle and Harry under ‘pressure.’


The 2020 Archewell figures have put Meghan Markle and Prince Harry under ‘pressure.’

According to a royal expert, MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry’s work with their foundation Archewell will be closely watched by the public and commentators after it is revealed how much their charity raised in 2020.

According to royal commentator Duncan Larcombe, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will put “their heart and soul” into their work after the amount raised by their charity Archewell in 2020 was revealed.

“What we’ll see this year is Harry and Meghan putting their heart and soul into achieving what they want to achieve with Archewell,” he said, “because now that the figures for 2020 are out in the open, a very close eye will be kept on how successful they are this year in promoting and raising the coffers of Archewell.”

The publication of the Archewell figures, according to the royal author, “puts pressure” on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to transform their organization into a successful force for change and to demonstrate to the public that they are a “power couple.”

Mr Larcombe was referring to the Sussexes’ multi-year contracts with Spotify and Netflix, which are said to be worth several million dollars each, though Meghan and Harry have remained tight-lipped about them.

“It’s the kind of publicity they wouldn’t want,” he said, “and the other thing is, if you published similar figures for Harry and Meghan’s private income for the same period, we’d be led to believe it’s in the tens of millions of pounds.”

“So if their focus was on having enough money to become financially independent as they stated, they’ve accomplished that,” he continued.

“If they truly want to establish themselves as a power couple doing good, the emphasis should be on raising money for charity rather than the Sussex family coffers.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s representatives at Archewell have been contacted for comment on Mr Larcombe’s remarks.

Meghan and Harry’s Archewell charity raised less than (dollar)50,000 (£36,947) in 2020, according to tax returns released this week in the United States.

Despite the fact that Archewell was established in April 2020, a spokesperson for Meghan and Harry stated that there was no financial activity during that year.

According to court documents, Archewell received its first deposit in early 2021.

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