The 2018 FactCheck Awards


It is our tradition on Election Day to set aside our fact-checking role and instead highlight funny, odd and entertaining ads from the campaign cycle. These are noteworthy for reasons other than making false or misleading claims (though some may do that, too).

This year’s honorees include an ad from a candidate who did a party switch and another from the campaign that came up with the nickname “Cocaine Mitch.”

Happy voting!


The Jeb Bush Award for Low Energy
Winner: Don Blankenship, former U.S. Senate candidate for West Virginia

In a series of ads, former Republican Senate candidate Don Blankenship appears to be vying for the moniker “low energy,” a title Donald Trump had given to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush during the 2016 campaign.

Perhaps the soft banjo music playing in the background was like a lullaby, because Blankenship, the former CEO of an energy company (ha ha), showed very little enthusiasm while filming this low-budget TV ad attacking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, not West Virginia. (And he took the monotone approach in these two ads as well.)

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