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The 10 most valuable products at Aldi as voted by fans

Aldi Australia has shared its 10 most ‘valuable’ products as shortlisted by shoppers, with nappies, full cream milk, tinned salmon and high protein bread all making the cut.

The discount supermarket is looking to narrow the top 10 list down to one MVP – or Most Valuable Product – by asking customers to share why they love one particular item in 25 words or less.

It’s not known when the winner will be announced, or how many votes have already been cast, but there are a broad range of contenders to choose from.

The  ($2.19) has been presented as a dairy-free alternative that is 98.5 per cent fat free and low in cholesterol. 

But that doesn’t mean Australians are neglecting their regular cow’s milk, with  ($1.79) making the list, made exclusively on Aussie farms.

Still in the dairy section is  ($2.79) which is made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Which is your favourite Aldi product?

Which is your favourite Aldi product?

Now share your opinion

For those preparing a BBQ dinner  ($4/kg) come highly recommended, and are made with fresh pork, chicken and beef.

They can be served with a side of  ($4.99) and  ($5) which is low GI, 85 per cent lower in carbohydrates, 55 per cent higher in fibre, with 50 per cent less sugar and a five-star health rating. 

Sustainably sourced  (starting from $2) is the overall favourite tinned fish, and is a great source of omega-3 and protein.

Parents have voted for  ($7.99) and  ($9.99) or their children which are made Down Under. 

 (plans starting from $25) is the final big name choice on the list with the company calling it a ‘big telco coverage with Aldi prices’. 

Australian mothers have also been raving about Aldi’s $13.99 barbecue pork ribs, calling them the ‘best’ they’ve ever eaten and a ‘staple’ in the freezer.

A woman from Perth sparked a conversation on social media after posting pictures of her mouth-watering Farmwood Marinated Pork Ribs, which are covered in a ‘sweet and smokey’ barbecue sauce.  

‘All I can say is wow. Shut up and take my money. These ribs are delicious… so easy to cook and the meat falls off the bone,’ she said.

‘On the plate is one pack, which has one rack so it’s a big serving. You must try them.’

It wasn’t long before other women said they had tried them – and fed them to their families – and would repurchase them again ‘in a heartbeat’.

Another woman uses Aldi’s Mediterranean Delite Garlic Dip and Colway Caramelised Onion Relish to season her spaghetti bolognese sauce, giving the combination a ‘thumbs up’ of approval.

‘I use about three-quarter’s of a jar of the onion relish and half of the garlic dip for a kilo of mince… I just add until it is to your taste,’ she said.

While they’re not traditionally products that would be mixed into a bolognese, the additions came with high praise from the online Aldi community.

‘Omg that garlic dip is to die for and so yummy,’ one woman said.

‘The garlic dip is going to disappear at this rate! It’s literally life changing,’ said another.

A third added: ‘I really like the relish on its own so I’ll have to try it mixed with the dip. Good thinking!’ 

You can find the top 10 most valuable Aldi products by visiting the website here. 

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