Thanks to Kate, Prince William was able to complete his “most important royal duty.”


Thanks to Kate, Prince William was able to complete a “major royal duty.”

According to a royal commentator, Prince William’s “most important royal duty” was successfully completed thanks to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

When Prince William was a teenager, he is said to have discussed finding the right person to share his life with with his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

And the late princess is said to have advised the now Duke of Cambridge to get to know his future wife and become friends with her before marrying her.

Prince William, according to royal author Duncan Larcombe, has accomplished this with Kate, and has fulfilled his “most important royal duty” to date by marrying the right person.

“William never forgot Diana’s advice about taking time to get to know his future bride,” he told OK! magazine.

“He knew she was speaking from bitter experience because she had only met Charles a few times before they married.”

“Traditionally, when a person marries into the Royal Family, they are either the perfect fit or a bull in a china shop fighting against the institution.”

“William understood that his most important royal duty was to marry well, and he found Kate to be the perfect match.”

In 2001, four years after Princess Diana died, Prince William and Kate met at St Andrews University.

Before they started dating, the two are said to have become good friends.

Kate and William visited St Andrews University in May of last year as part of their tour of Scotland, 20 years after they first met.

They met students from the Geography and History of Art courses, which William and Kate both took, to learn more about the Can Do program, which has hosted hundreds of morale-boosting events for students on campus since its inception.

They then took part in an interfaith discussion with students before planting the first tree for the St Andrews Forest, one of the university’s key initiatives aimed at becoming carbon neutral by 2035.

The Duke of Cambridge and Kate Middleton married in 2011, but the Duke did not immediately accept full-time royal duties.

William began his career as a member of the RAF Search and Rescue team before moving on to East Anglia Air Ambulance (EAAA) as a helicopter pilot.

Meanwhile, the Duchess entered royal life by acquiring patronages and expanding her work in key areas such as addictions, early childhood, and mental health.

After ten years,

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