‘Thank you to those who voted to leave!’ The reality of Brexit is being hailed as Global Britain thrives outside of the EU.


‘Thank you to those who voted to leave!’ The reality of Brexit is being hailed as Global Britain thrives outside of the EU.

LEAVE voters have been praised for allowing Britain to thrive outside of the EU.

Proud Britons went to Twitter, where they seized the #Brexitreality hashtag, which was previously used by Remainers to complain about leaving their beloved bloc. Instead, it was deluged with ads extolling the virtues of escaping Brussels’ grasp, following the OECD’s prediction that the UK will lead the G7 in terms of growth this year.

EU members France and Germany, as well as the world’s largest economy, America, are all members of the club of developed countries.

Despite the fierce competition, it predicted that Global Britain would rise by a whooping 7.2 percent this year, followed by a staggering 5.5 percent in 2022.

One Brexit supporter praised the news, writing on Twitter, “The beautiful #BrexitReality Fastest growing economy in the G7.”

“With AZ [AstraZeneca], we have the best vaccine at the best price in the world. This year, my pension has increased by 28%!

“There are a lot of fresh investments in the UK. Thank you, those who voted no.”

“I think some remoaners can’t admit the immense self-harm Project Fear has caused,” he continued.

“(This included) hurting market confidence, delays, wasting £billion, and big profits in pension funds, the market, and most assets, compared to the #BrexitReality this year.”

“Dear dunderheads,” wrote another.

“Don’t blame Brexiteers for not being able to find work or live in the EU.

“Face the truth; it’s due to your own incapabilities. However, I find you to be amusing.

“Your lame tweets make me laugh. Knowing how thick you are makes me happy.”

“Imagine my hate of the #BrexitReality when I got a letter from Aviva to find my pension had gone up 19% in a year,” another wrote.

Their remarks came as economists predicted that the UK’s recovery from the coronavirus would take less than five months.

Following a catastrophic drop in GDP due to the pandemic in 2020, the UK is expected to be one of the fastest economies in the West to once again be blazing on all cylinders.

Last Friday, EY, a leading accounting firm, issued a forecast for the recovery.

“With the elimination of COVID-19 restrictions across the country, and the vaccination roll-out continuing to progress, the UK economy’s growth prospects have strengthened beyond earlier predictions,” it said in a study.

“Brinkwire Summary News” reports that “the economy is now forecast to return to its pre-pandemic high by the end of 2021 – two quarters.”


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