Thank God Brexiteers WON! Britons blast sneering Remoaners hellbent on ignoring EU ‘mess’.


BRITONS have taken aim at gloating Remainers after a think tank blasted the EU for making Brexit purposefully difficult.

Facts4EU spokesman David Evans said the EU “mess” made it “so difficult” to leave the bloc, and cited figures from Eurostat and the Office for National Statistics to show how Germany had done three times better than Britain financially at the end of 2020. This website readers backed the report, and said Remainers were looking to undermine “democracy”.

In his report “Financially, what did the UK come out of the EU with, at the end of 2020?”, Mr Evans noted “the Remainer rump which is still so vociferous (and frankly unpleasant) on social media seize on any facts relating to the difficulties the UK has had in extracting itself from the EU mess, and they say: ‘See, Brexit is a disaster’”.

He then said: “What they should, of course, be asking is why the EU deliberately made it so difficult for the UK to leave and why the UK’s Remainer Parliament spent years trying to overturn the largest democratic mandate in British history.

“When it comes to the vile and abusive attacks on us on social media, we would simply say that when people have to stoop that low it is because they have lost the argument.

“They refuse to accept that Brexit was the solution and that it was the Remainers in the Establishment as well as the disgraceful behaviour of the EU that were the problem.”

It followed Lord Andrew Adonis, who recently posted on Twitter a scathing assessment of what the UK lost when leaving the EU.

He said: “Gosh, I wonder what simple step could be taken to deal with the HGV driver shortage, the empty supermarket shelves, the Northern Ireland border crisis, the fall in exports and imports, the inability of artists and musicians to work

in the EU, the end of Erasmus, and rising xenophobia?”
Under a screengrab of one of the peer’s recent tweets criticising Brexit, Mr Evans said: “The message is simple and clear. Andrew Adonis still wants to stop (or reverse) Brexit.

“Unfortunately this gives oxygen to those who have never accepted the democratic decision of the British people to leave the European Union.

“In our opinion it might help civilised debate in the country if he told all his followers and. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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