Thailand’s Future Forward Party leader says to compete for PM

BANGKOK, May 16 (Xinhua) — Thailand’s Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit on Thursday held a press conference to offer himself the post of prime minister.

Thanathorn, in the party’s headquarters in Bangkok, assured that he was ready to become the head of a coalition government following the March 24 election.

Thanathorn noted that many people have been confused and desperate to see some positive changes in post-election politics.

The Future Forward Party leader confirmed that he has held talks with the leaders of some other parties.

Earlier, Thailand’s Election Commission (EC) urged the Constitutional Court to judge if Thanathorn had been disqualified as an electoral candidate due to the disputable possession of a little-known media firm’s shares.

If found guilty as ruled by the court in support of the EC petition, the Future Forward Party leader’s electoral candidacy would be disqualified in retroactive fashion, thus losing his MP status.

“If the party got dissolved, I wouldn’t want to work in a profit-seeking industry anymore. I have had enough. I would work in a social enterprise, perhaps”, Thanathorn said at an event held on Wednesday night.


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