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Thai ‘pimp’, 44, is charged with drugging and raping a woman, 26, in NSW

An alleged NSW pimp has been arrested and charged with a string of offences, including drugging and raping a woman.

Police uncovered the Thai man’s extensive alleged criminal activity after a 26-year-old reported him to police.

The alleged victim met the man in December 2019 at a unit, where police say she was given a drugged alcoholic drink and fell unconscious.

Police say the 40-year-old man then sexually assaulted her.

After a lengthy investigation, police uncovered evidence that he had also made money off another’s prostitution, filmed women without their consent, and advertised for and recruited prostitutes.

On Thursday the man was charged with 14 offences and refused bail.

The charges include having sexual intercourse without consent, using an intoxicating substance to commit indictable offence, and knowingly living on the earnings of other’s prostitution.

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